Shaughnessy Restaurant is located only minutes from downtown Vancouver, but upon arrival, it’s as though you’ve entered another world.

Our garden restaurant provides a retreat like no other – casual elegance, soothing ambiance, and picturesque garden vistas. Whether you want to meet friends for lunch, enjoy brunch with family, spend an evening overlooking the gardens accompanied by a brilliant dinner, or just have a casual tea midday, Shaughnessy Restaurant wants to make your moments memorable. We are tucked away in the renowned VanDusen Botanical Garden, a must-see for visitors to Vancouver and residents alike. 55 acres of vast year-round gardens, representing the northern and southern hemispheres await you and drench your dining experience in colour and beauty.


We named the restaurant after two Vancouver landmarks – an ode to the surrounding neighbourhood and the  golf course that was on the VanDusen Botanical Garden site in the 1940s and 50s.

We teamed with several renowned interior designers, including Wade King, to create an airy yet intimate ambiance and décor. The slate and wood floor is reclaimed from a 1910 Vancouver warehouse which adds old-world charm and warmth. Intimate booths line the back walls with a beautiful Rhododendron painting taking presence above. French doors provide the opportunity for a semi-private group dining room while still maintaining the bright openness of the restaurant. Wooden shingles on the walls, ample skylights, and potted plants bring the lush Botanical Garden indoors, while floor-to-ceiling white sheer drape swaths add drama, elegance and intimacy to the room.

Special group menus are available and can be created for the unique needs of any group or event.

For a distinctive, memorable experience, come and discover Shaughnessy Restaurant at VanDusen Botanical Garden. Leave the details to us, and enjoy the ambience, the company, the food, and the Garden.